I am an educator and a mother of one.

This blog was initially dedicated to document my daughter’s growing journey in this world. It is intended for her to read when she is able to so that she knows how much she is loved. Hence the name “letterstoclarice”.

As of March 2015, I have written 220 posts over 6 years to archive her education, travelogues, occasions and milestones. As her parents, we are so proud of her of everyday.

As my daughter has embarked on her primary school learning journey in 2016, the focus of this blog should be realigned too. From now on, this blog will be positioned as “letterstoclarice – Borderless Learning”, inspired by the Chinese saying “学海无涯,唯勤是岸”.

It is my humble way of capturing her learning process in Singapore’s education system. Undoubtedly, she will encounter jubilation and faltering in her learning journey. We, her parents will undoubtedly make mistakes or strike a chord with her in our parenting style. Thus this blog will also share great resources in education and parenting which I find on other useful sites.

For better and for worse, we want to be there for our child, just like the mother of Mencius, the great Chinese philosopher. These are our voices.



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