Rethinking about Garbage

28 May 2017

Dear Clarice,

Today, we had the opportunity to make an educational trip to Semakau Island.  What we saw and heard made us reflect on our extremely high wastage for a small country.

Everything on this island is built on garbage ash, buried and planted with vegetation. We even saw exotic birds, mango trees, mangrove swamp, a monitor lizard, a fishery, and travelled on the most expensive 7km road built on garbage ash.

Very very sad to say, it’ll be just 19 years before we run out of space to bury our rubbish if we continue to waste at our current pace. You will be in your 20s and we as your parents will still be alive to face the problem.

Where do we go from here is an issue which deserves our nation to think through with a heavy heart. It is no longer a remote issue but an emergency, one which should make us recycle more and waste less.

Japanese town, Kamikatsu, which I featured in my documentary “Unique Towns”, seems to have found an optimistic solution towards a zero waste standard : Zero Waste Town. It’s time we learn from them. I hope this trip will make you a more civic-conscious citizen who is aware of your own mission to protect the earth you live in.



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