Dear Clarice,

You love to read books and buy books like mummy. Between the two of us, I bet we’ve bought close to 1,000 books. Every time we visit the bookshop, we can carry buckets of books back.

However, the local bookshops here don’t have a wide variety of books and to broaden our reading repertoire, I have taken to online shopping. Since you are learning to surf the net by watching me, I’d rather you go to the healthier knowledge websites. As such, I’ve introduced you to online shopping for books at And what a delightful time we have browsing online.

When the credit card bills came, I realised you’re also spending a small fortune on books. I have no gripes about this, but I thought I should inculcate the values of spending money wisely to you.

Hence starting this month, you are paying for 50% of the costs of your books, and mummy will match it dollar for dollar. When your books from arrive in the mail, it’s also “debt collection” time for mummy. I know it pains you to part with your savings, but believe me, you will benefit from this exercise in future and I can see you are taking greater care of your books now.

Why is it advantageous to have co-payment scheme with our children?

  1. Spending their own money at this young age hurts them. You will not believe how stingy a child can be in parting with her savings. But it is important pain, and this is especially important in the family so that they learn money don’t grow on trees or drop from the sky.
  2. Buying things with their own money motivates children to take better care of their belongings, since it has not been easy for them to save up that amount.
  3. Online shopping is here to stay and can dangerously lead to children over-spending as they don’t see the cash going out of their wallet. So, we might as well join the devils of online shopping by making them pay us for the purchases we acquire for them.
  4. Educate our children to shop online discerningly – buy only things they really need, compare prices before making the purchase decision, read up the reviews of other buyers to see if the item is worth it, and check reviews to see if the seller is authentic and credible.

Haha, this is a prevalent government scheme being implemented in my household! I hope it works to teach my girl the right values.

PS: For my readers’ info only, I took her money but have deposited the cash into her bank account. This shall be our secret, don’t let her know, ok?


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