We have a book-ripper!

7 April 2017

Dear Clarice

Much as I applaud your effort for starting and leading a book club in your class, I would have to stop you from bringing your story books to share in school.

Yesterday, you brought home two Chinese Barbie story books with ripped pages after lending it to your classmates. Unfortunately, you did not even know who the real culprit is.

Sad to say, not caring for books is not a trait among your classmates. I have noticed this trend among our country fellow men who borrowed from the public library, who often returned books crumpled or torn. This is a sign that such books are popular I supposed, for the books with brand new looks are often “new arrivals” or “unpopular”. However, if I were to borrow a book especially from a public source or a friend, I would be afraid to tarnish it, and treat it with the same care as I would give my personal collection. And if I happen to tear the book incidentally, I would confess to the owner and repair the book, or pay for it. Unfortunately, such integrity is rare among your classmates. I have slapped your hands at six months old when you tried to rip the pages of your first book, thus you have learnt and have NEVER, EVER ripped a book in your life.

It pains me so much that your books are now torn that I am awake at 6am this morning to blog about this incident!

While you may protest that it is unfair to stop you from sharing books among your friends because you were not the book-ripper, it is still your responsibility to ensure that your books leave the house intact and come back intact. Regardless of whether the culprit did it because he/she has a book ripping disorder, or jealousy, or malice, or itchy irrepressible fingers, or innocent carelessness, the books are helpless babies which need your protection. That is why I have to curb your enthusiasm, because this is a lesson on responsibility to your possessions.

So for now, please tell your friends that your book-lending service is temporarily suspended because the protector (your mummy dearest) have discovered that their situation is compromised and she is nursing their wounds (and her wounded heart as well)!  Hopefully, these words would also make the culprit think twice before he/she strikes again because an adult now knows. She is watching and ready to pounce on the book-ripper !



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