A little reward goes a long way

20 March 2017

Dear Clarice,

Remember the good old days when you used to get a coloured star sticker for school work that is well done or good behavior?

We haven’t done that for a long time and the stickers fade out of memory. Though we still praise you lavishly, it will be nice to have a physical reminder of a compliment which was delivered. 

Thanks to gu-gu’s ingenuity, the “Clarice’s reward book” was developed with stickers. A “Like” sticker will be dished out for good behavior such as being respectful to the elders at home or for finishing assessments promptly. A “Dislike” sticker in the form of angry faces or black thunderous glare stickers will be issued for tantrums or tardiness or bad manners. Accumulate a certain number of likes and dislikes, and redeem a reward or penalty which we mutually agreed upon.

Even adults need a little pat on the back sometimes, what more children, right?


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