How to prepare you for resilience?

18 March 2017 

Dear Clarice, 

Once upon a time, mummy was born into a country which just declared independence not too long ago. Resources was scarce and life was very very hard because we had so little and had to be very thrifty. Extravaganza and luxury were alien words which did not exist in my dictionary.

Fast forward one generation later, you were born into good times of this country. You have abundance and you became wasteful. Not intentionally or wilfully. Not just you but many kids in your generation because you have everything at your finger tips and more. 

Because of the hardship I went through, I wanted to give you a better life. In the process of loving you however, I wonder if I had spoilt you and made you less resilient. Hence, this parenting article resonated with me and I hope you will understand why such parenting is important.


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