Education · Milestones

Can cook, will survive

17 March 2017 

Dear Clarice,

You have inherited daddy’s flair for cooking. Not only have you started to cook meals for mummy, you have also been able to recall the steps of the recipe after one look and recite them as if you were the one wielding the wok. What a feat for a seven-year old. 

I’m glad you have a gift for culinary skills so that you can feed yourself without eating out all the time. With the humongous amount of processed food on the shelves and dining table these days, any home-cook meals win hands down in terms of health and nutrition. Just read this article on “What’s really in your food?” and your jaws will drop.

What’s really in your food?

So continue to enjoy your kitchen space, whip the ingredients together and stir up the fire! Itadakimasu, bon apetit 🙂


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