Filial Piety

16 February 2017
Dear Clarice, 

How do you put filial piety into action? In the Chinese hierarchy of values and virtues, filial piety is the one held in high esteem. However in modern society, as families got smaller and family hierarchy became flatter, the notion of filial piety is being eroded quickly. 

For you,  we have always preached that you must greet your elderly and respect them when talking to them. But it came from us,  not you. So not sure how much preaching sank in. But this Chinese new year, you surprised us. This was what happened. 

The ang pow which was meaningless to a younger you took on a new meaning this year. After you entered primary school, you realised money can buy things,  lots of things. So you tend to be quite stingy about parting with your money now. 

On the first day of new year, you took $9 out of your piggy bank and said you wanted to give it to grandma as an ang pow, because 9 represents 长长久久in Chinese, and you wish grandma to enjoy longevity and good health. Imagine the pride swelling in my heart when you said this. And do not forget the touched face of grandma when she received your ang pow.

Your maturity and thoughtfulness have made us very proud of you. Keep up the good heart! 


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