Fighting for Attention with a Book

26 June 2016

My girl reads everywhere, so much so that I need to compete with a book to get her attention!

She reads before bedtime. She reads on the bus, in the car, at the dining table. Recently, I discovered  she could even read when she’s  walking on the pavement.

In an era where we lament that many kids, or even many adults are inadequate in reading deeply for an extended period, I am grateful  that she has cultivated a love for reading.

Since she was 6 months old, we have shared a bond – a bond with books. I read to her twice a day, and she watched me read. Her English enrichment centre encouraged “a book a week” practice. The teacher loaned each child a book a week from the centre’s collection. Upon returning the book, the teacher spent a few minutes individually with each child to talk about the book. This took place every week for a year when she was 6. Such a great practice wins my approval. 

However recently, Princess has declined my initiative to read bedtime stories to her. I was surprised as this has been our ritual since she was a baby. Then she explained that she could read twice or thrice as much in the same time as I used to read aloud to her.

I see. Her ability to read to herself has fuelled a voracious appetite to read more and read faster. So although I missed those reading nights, I respect her new independence. I’m happy to relinquish my role as the “voice reader”  and leave her in her world of books. Sometimes, she is so engrossed that she would not hear me instructing her or she would delay meals just to read one more chapter. But it is a happy problem for me to contend with. And I pray she stays in that joyful world for as long as it takes her whole life.

Princess’ current favourites:
– Thea Stilton mysteries
– The Adventures of Squirky the Alien series
– Young Scientists magazines.
– 芭比娃娃公主故事
– 苯狼的故事系列



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