Engage Our Little Explorer

17 March 2016

Bringing my princess to the museums can be an exasperating experience.  She can demonstrate her lack of interest with her wondering feet and growing whining. 

But on this trip to Taipei, we are not going to bypass the National Palace Museum even though it is not on her list must-go places. With 3 floors of national  treasures, it is going to be a full day trip. So how do we overcome this challenge?

The first hour was taunting. She was soon bored reading the exhibits signages and captions even though we tried to “act blur” and ask her questions. Then she saw visitors listening to the museum’s audio-visual techno-guide. She was intrigued and asked us to rent one for her too. So we did for NTD200 (SGD8).

Behold. A miracle  happened once she put on her headset. She was busy keying in numbers listed above the exhibits and listening voraciously to the content. After listening, she could explain  the background of the ancient relics to us.  She highlighted their unique characteristics. She pronounced words she never utter before  like “dynasty,  cicada, celadon glaze, turquoise  inlay, etc…”

It was then that I realised I had wrongly
expected  her to read up on an exhibition like an adult, when in fact, she absorbed better through audio guide  this time. By keying in the data she needs, she is actually involved in seeking information.  She has morphed from a passive museum visitor to an avid explorer. And mummy learns a lesson in actively engaging my girl in acquiring knowledge for herself!





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