Experiential Learning

14 March 2016

On our Taiwan holiday this  time,  we went to visit the Rabbit Pencil Factory, 玉兔铅笔学校。My purpose was to let my daughter appreciate  the value of a pencil.

A pencil is an inexpensive stationery  which she has abundant of, but something  which she treats carelessly and misplaces so often. So I thought immersion was a good process to understand the making this common essential  tool.

Kolb said that “Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learningthrough reflection on doing”.

After the visit, I asked  princess what she has learned.  She said “I have to treasure pencils because  if I run out of pencils,  it’s  very  hard to make them.”

I gleamed. Mission accomplished. Now I hope she will implement them in action, which in her own words mean – no pencil biting, stop treating pencils as toys and no more losing them!!!







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