What’s wrong with being the iPad Generation?

30 January 2016

I have a slightly different take on this issue of being the iPad/ Tablet generation.

The trend is irreversible. Much info can be gleaned from such electronic devices and schools for young children are using them to teach. Banning them from children may just be the devil’s advocate and increase their yearning for the forbidden fruit.

My experience in letting the princess use this device are built on these guidelines :

a) the device is password protected and can only be unlocked by me.

b) she only has 10 minutes on the device each time. I set a timer to prompt her when to stop. If she deviates from this agreement, she is banned from the device for a week. And this has happened a few times amidst some tears and whining when she was younger. So the parents must be firm in implementing the consequence or we’ll lose our credibility.

c) only educational games or apps are downloaded for her usage.

d) I taught her to use Google to search and discover new knowledge of things she doesn’t know.

Thus she uses the device like an encyclopedia now and thankfully, we still have not got an addict on our hands. 😊

My views in this post are nspired by this article:


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