Never Too Young to Start Reading

23 January 2016

I’m a strong advocate of reading and it is my mantra to assist my daughter to love reading from young.

The rigorous education system in Singapore demands students to demonstrate the skills to read and process information from the time they enter primary education. Every subject they encounter in school – English, Math and Science, involve problem statements couched as story problems. These story problems require the child to read and understand the context with its instructions, then provide a cognitive logical solution. If you can’t read and process the information, you are going to be a very miserable student in this system.

Hence I believe strongly that if my daughter can master reading, she can do anything in the world and survive anywhere.

Today, I came across Jenae’s blog “I can teach my child to read”. An educator and mother, she mooted 10 simple steps to teach pre-schoolers to read. Some of her tips are very similar to the tips accumulated from my personal experience and posted earlier in my blog. Furthermore, she has offered additional helping hands to simplify the task.

It’s a great resource, bookmark it or read the full article here.

10 tips to teach your child to read




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