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Reading to Older Children is Valuable

3 January 2016

Read and you can survive anywhere in this world, and transcend any universe. This is my mantra to my daughter and an essential skill which I insist she must master. Which she did, at the age of 4.

“Shared words have power, an energy that you can’t get from TV, radio, or online.”

Reading aloud to older children — even up to age 14, who can comfortably read to themselves — has benefits both academic and emotional, says Jim Trelease, who could easily be called King of the Read-Aloud. Trelease, a Boston-based journalist, turned his passion for reading aloud to his children into The Read-Aloud Handbook in 1979; it has since been an unequivocal bestseller with sales in the multi-millions.

Why Reading Aloud to Older Children Is Valuable



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