Hanyu Pinyin Opens Many Doors

16 January 2016

Many people asked me how I nurtured my daughter to read Chinese story books when their own children find such books a turn-off.

I swear by hanyu pinyin 汉语拼音. Ever since her teachers taught her hanyu pinyin in K2, her Chinese reading ability has improved by leaps and bounds. Hanyu pinyin has opened her horizons and unlocked the key to 5,000 years of literary treasures. The research below proves it. So get your kids to master it.

Inculcating the interest through Chinese story book reading also meant that parents are not using textbooks and hanyu pinyin flashcards to revise with their children. This would be repetitive and rote-learning. Imagine how your kids feel. Wouldn’t it be a turn-off for you if you have to do hanyu pinyin at home again after a long day in school?



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