Tooth Fairy, Come Collect My First Tooth

6 October 2014

Dear Clarice

You have such beautiful even nice rows of teeth, which must be attributed partly to mummy’s good dental genes. I wish they would stay on forever, but as the creator would have it, we are all blessed with 2 sets of teeth in our lifetime, and there will come a time when we must let our baby teeth go.

When you said your lower front tooth was wobbly over the weekend, I knew the day had come. To lose them at 5 year 3 months seemed like a fairly young age and to save you from any horrifying experiences, I read you 2 story books which had pleasant memories of losing our baby teeth. The first was Charley, Maisy and and the Wobbly Tooth by Lucy Cousins, and Arthur’s Tooth by Marc Brown. Both depicted how the characters wiggled their tooth (urgh) to get them loose and fall off as soon as possible. They also had pleasant visits to the dentists, which I felt is an important lesson to learn, as your turn will come eventually and I don’t want you to freak out.

Today after your bath in the afternoon, you came to me with a sheepish grin on your face and your hand outstretched. You said, “Mummy, my tooth dropped into my hand”. There was a little blood but no pain and you seemed quite pleased with the experience. What a brave gal you are. We took photos, mummy posted them on Facebook and attracted several “likes” from friends.  We washed the first tooth and put it in a glass bottle as a keepsake.

Now you had watched the movie “Rise of the Guardians” and is very much aware of the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy was to come later and give you a gold coin for your first tooth. What a wonderful “it happened for the first time moment” and mummy was so glad I witnessed it. This is what I call being at the right place at the right time.  I’m sure more teeth will join into the bottle.

Despite losing a tooth, you still had a great charming smile! Grandma said as a custom, you are to stand at the foot of your bed with your feet evenly together, and throw the tooth under the bed. This way, your new tooth will grow out nice and even. Not sure if the custom holds true, but we tried it anyway. Anything for pretty teeth!




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