Happy Birthday, Ah-ma

29 September 2014

Dear Clarice

Do you remember when you were a few months old, who taught you to sleep through the night, sit on the potty and cook your first baby food for you?

The tender loving care of Ah-ma accompanied you through your growing years. Before you were born, she has already sewn you a pillow comprising green beans shells, and a blanket. When I was in confinement after a C-section to give birth to you, she has cooked for me and nursed me back to health. She took care of you at night so that we could sleep peacefully.

When you were of age to go to pre-school, Ah-ma would take an umbrella in the hot sun and walked you to TreeHouse, and then back after school. She cooked lunch for you, bathed you and accompanied you on your homework routine while daddy and mummy were at work. When you were ill, she would put Ru-yi-yu on your tummy to make you feel better. We could work with peace of mind knowing you are in good hands. So in all gratitude, we are thankful we have Ah-ma with us today.

Hence on this day that Ah-ma turned 67, you insisted on choosing the cake yourself and picked a mango-flavoured cream sponge cake which tasted wonderful by the way. You could hardly wait to get your hands on the cream before we sang the birthday song! Now who’s the birthday girl here?

PicsArt_1411905789005 20140928_194318 PicsArt_1411905596503


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