Xbox Let Your Hair Down


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24 August 2014

Dear Clarice

Try as we might to delay your introduction to computer games. we realised you lived in a very different generation from us and the tide is inevitable. Hence you have been exposed to the technological gadgets like the iPad and Galaxy Note. Needless to say, you loved them. What we can do is to limit the exposure to a time and content which we consider healthy.

More recently, the sports hub library had this super duper gaming console called the XBox Kinetics. You’ve never seen it but happening to pass by one evening, you were intrigued to see some kids playing with it. You made friends and “forced” your way in. Soon, you were dancing and hopping to the games. I must say you’ve got the moves and danced like a pro accoriding to some of the pictures captured. Will this spell the beginning of a love affair with the game consoles? Whatever it is, Daddy and I are determined to keep them as your part-time lovers only. Because even the tech guru Steve Jobs shielded his children away from technology addictions to have a more natural and tech-less childhood. What more layman like us?

We did this not because we are not tech-savvy but we like you to realise that there are more important things in life than tech tools. Like running in the sun and sand; like eating at the table with us and not oogling at the screen; like not relying on tech tools as a pacifier like some parents. Technology is just a conduit for work, remember Clarice, human connections are the key to life.



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