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Which English Enrichment Programme For You?

28 July 2014

Dear Clarice,

We have tried to steer clear of being tiger parents and gave you a normal happy playful childhood. However, we can’t be rid of certain enrichment totally and so far we’ve put you through Berries for Chinese enrichment and Hokkien Huay Kuan classes for speech & drama and Chinese dancing.

Though you picked up the ability to read some books independently, Gugu felt that you still need to build up a strong foundation in phonics. Hence we tried a few with disatrous misses.

Firstly, we put you at the community centre’s phonics class. The teacher used a wooden stick and hit on the board every time she touched on a new alphabet. Maybe it was the sound, maybe you were too young at 3 then, you cried and refused to go back after that. So we shelved that.

Next, we tried a centre at Kovan in the June holidays this year. I guess she had a patented way of teaching English and it had worked for her students. To a certain extent, it worked for you for you picked up some high frequency words quickly after only 3 lessons. But we had issues with the teacher who taught you. She talked to you in a condescending way and seemed to lack enthusiasm for her job. We wondered if we should let you stick to it for the sake of your progress. Most importantly, we don’t want you to hate learning just yet because of this for the learning journey ahead of you still stretches for 16 more years!

Hence we pulled you out and continued the quest for the ideal English enrichment centre.

Today, we came to a learning centre at Bedok. It came highly recommended by teacher Karen. After one lesson, you love it! What made the difference was the teacher. She was compassionate to those under her charge and enthusiastic about teaching. She made learning pleasurable and enriching for you! What I appreciate most was that she would update us parents after every lesson on what has been taught and your progress. At least we had an inkling of what was going on in your learning. So this is it then, Clarice, you’ll stay put here for a while and learn as much about phonics as you can.


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