Together We Run

31 August 2014

Dear Clarice

When Daddy was in the army, togetherness as a team is a big thing. Hence every time there is an event, the whole contingent is out in force. The annual Safra Run is no exception.

To encourage family participation, there is a kid’s segment which was the father-child 800-metre dash. You were so excited about it the previous night that you slept late but was able to wake up early for this run. It was a very hot and crowded morning. The heat and noise got to you and you were cranky after a while. But you persevere to the finishing line and was rewarded with a medal. A well-deserved effort not just for finishing the task, but also for controlling your tantrum to finish a job you have started. Good work, Daddy and mummy are proud of you.

20140831_084909 20140831_085942 20140831_090331 10461998_10152346212866235_9129168125974099464_n

20140831_135540 10606498_10152346212941235_3963342599570383840_n




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