Mid-Autumn Muse

7-14 September 2014

Dear Clarice

Mid-autumn festival is an ancient Chinese traditons which has passed down for hundreds of years. At your level, it’s all about eating mooncakes and taking the lanterns out for a spin. However, it did bring up some food for thought this year amidst some of the activities.

Firstly, your school required you to make a lantern to bring there. While most parents literally took over the tasks for their children, you wanted a “creative” role to play. As the “creative director” of your lantern, you decided you wanted a moth. So you drew the model and handed it over to Daddy, who bough the coloured cellophane paper and made the lantern together with you. Thumbs up for a great father-daughter bonding activity.


Secondly, the grassroots organisation in our neighbourhood also conducted activities to draw in the crowds and upkept traditions. There was colouring contest for the children where you met Amber and sister Hazel. Then there was the lantern coloring contest for you and Daddy to paint one. You played with sparklers for the first time. A little scary but thrilling experience. Thumbs up for nurturing neighbourliness.

lantern4 lantern5 lantern6 lantern7 lantern8 lantern10 lantern9

Thirdly, Gardens by the Bay lit up its grounds with big lanterns displays and a light-up bridge of hearts. The exhibits looked gorgeous under the moonlight and brought many families of Singaporeans, expats and tourists out for a stroll. Thumbs up for injecting a bit of traditions into our tourism industry. While some may feel that everything borderlined on artificiality, it still takes effort and manpower to create artificiality. Isn’t Christmas, Chinese New Year or other festivals created the same way? Bottomline is, t’s still  the thought that counts.

As the new generation born into the concrete jungle and growing up in the 21st century, we realise that you lived in a very fast-paced world which is losing traditions in the name of modernisation. We hope every little bit of memory we have preserved for you in  these blogs will trigger that you once had traditions too.

lantern11 lantern12 lantern13 lantern14


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