Fabulous Five

14 July 2014

Dear Clarice

Turning 5, big gal. You and I have been bonded to each other for five years now. We’ve been in love with each other since your birth and the love just grows deeper as you grow older everyday.

You are 5  today and in that past year, it just means you’ve gotten more vocal (oh, you’re definitely talking a lot more about real life and your mythical life with fairies and ponies), more independent (this is on a case-by-case mood basis) and more assertive (yes, it’s always about “why don’t you listen to what I want?!!”)

Taking stock of the past year, you’ve crossed a few milestones and undergone some dramatic changes:

1) you picked up your own book and began to read all by yourself in October 2013. Mummy was close to tears when you did that. All the reading since you were 6 months old paid off! You love to read and has never torn or vandalised any book in your life. Well done.

2) you changed from kindergarten to childcare in January 2014. Took some time to adjust to the longer hours and increased amount of virus but you’re finally settled in now. Your Mandarin improved tremendously and you could now recite songs + poetry off the cuff.

3) you flew to Melbourne and Bali, blending in well to the local lifestyles. Mummy was so proud that you travelled well.

Today, you’re going to childcare to celebrate your birthday. You made a number of decisions about your birthday this year, now that you’ve turned 5. You chose your cake, the dress you’d wear to school to celebrate your birthday and packed your own goodie bags for your friends. At 3pm promptly, mummy collected the red velvet cake from Maple and Market and delivered it to your school. As with children, I think every birthday celebration is a highlight. Your classmates were squealing and excited. They did a fantastic job singing a loud birthday song for you and finishing all the cake, some even coming for 2 rounds. The cake this year was delicious, I must say.

birthday1 birthday2 birthday3 birthday4 birthday5 birthday6 birthday7

It was a pity that Daddy could not be here to celebrate with you because of work  but I knew his heart was with you all day. At home, we still celebrated with you with a mango-lychee cake just before Grace flew back to UK with London Gugu.

Minus the tantrums, poop and bouts of sickness which had us worry, Clarice, you are and always will be our beloved child. Grow up healthy and resilient, my darling. We are here for you through weal and woes. Happy birthday.

birthday8 birthday9





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