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Earning Your Dues

16 July 2014

Dear Clarice

Money don’t drop from the sky nor grow on trees. Daddy and Mummy had to work for a living to pay for what you eat, drink, school, play and wear. Basically, even if you pick up a colour pencil to draw, we require money to buy the stationery. So how do we make you understand the value of money and not ask and expect to be given anything you want?

The idea dawned on me when I saw in school that you were earning colours for every demonstration of good behaviour. Teacher would chart and reward every student who reached 35 colours. Imagine the look on your face when you earned your first notebook from teacher. What a great idea, to make you earn for what you want!

We set forth to replicate the same thing at home 2 months ago. You drew a chart of 35 columns on the board in your room. For every 5 pages of assessment book you do, you’ll earn a colour on the board. Your reward – you wanted a Winx Club doll called Flora. And so we begin our first trial.

It was tough work to persevere. Sometimes you have tantrums or “off-days” and don’t feel like working on your assessments. We had our fair share of fights over this issue. But you did not give up and kept at it for 2 months. When we handed our reward to you, the one you painstakingly earned, the look on your face was priceless. Well done darling. Life is not a bed of roses all the time. As much as we love you, you need to realise that  good things had to be earned sometimes. Perseverance will pay off. We hope you’ve learnt a lesson in life.

doll1 doll2 doll3



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