Happy ROM Anniversary

12 June 2014

Dear Clarice

On this day ten years ago, Daddy and Mummy solemnised our marriage at the Equinox at Westin Hotel. What ensued was 10 years of trials and tribulations with your Daddy.

The trials included adjusting to each other’s lifestyles, trying for a child, health issues like Daddy’s dengue fever, chicken pox and severe back pain episodes, and the inevitable couple quarrels. But overall, there were more joys than woes as we covered many parts of Asia as a travel-thirsty couple (to China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand). We also got a home to call our own and best of all, we conceived you five years into our marriage to add heaps of joy in our lives.

Whenever Mummy or you are down, we can count on Daddy to support us through thick and thin, He is one of the strongest men I’ve known – both physically and metaphorically. When we feel dejected, when we are in doubt, when we are lost, we can count on him. So it is with great joy that we pay tribute to this great guy on our 10th ROM anniversary. Hip hip hurray to our pillar – Daddy.

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