New Milestone, New School

2 January 2014

Dear Clarice

Today marked a new phase of your life where you bade farewell to your nursery days and enter Kindergarten Year 1 in a……brand new school!

Daddy and mummy decided to bring you back to live with us in Pine Close Everyday and this means we had to look for a new school for you. We scouted a few and finally decided on ChildFirst at Mountbatten Square. It had great facilities like a speech and drama room (which you loved at first sight), and an indoor playground, a fitness centre and computer room. But what we liked what it has a bilingual full-day programme, with strong emphasis on Chinese. We hoped you will achieve a strong foundation in Chinese here.

You have been orientating the school in since December last year, so it was with great anticipation that you looked forward to your first day in school. You could hardly sleep the night before and you woke up at 5am. Yes no joke!

It was of utmost importance to document this new milestone in your life. Daddy took half day off to send you to school. You were bathed and he lovingly combed your hair. You put on your new uniform, dragged your new trolley bag, and stood tall and shining in your new “armour”. All dressed up, off we marched to school. We entered all the buzz of the new school year in the speech and drama room. It seemed like quite an exciting day for many other children too. You took to the toys at once and made your first friend – Amberly Sin En.

A new school may be tough sometimes with new mates to adjust to, new rules to follow, and a new education system. Tempers may fray, tears may flow, falls may happen, and teachers may take sides as they mediate. You’ve got to face all these new challenges with resilience and emotional intelligence.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning here, acquire new knowledge and new social skills, to prepare yourself for the next phase of your life in primary school. All the best, my dear.




IMG_20140102_3 IMG_20140102_4


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