Good Old Malacca

16 December 2013

Dear Clarice,

One of your favourite neighbouring trip besides LegoLand Malaysia was Malacca, an old vintage town nestled on the west coast of Malaysia.

We booked a 3-day stay at Hatten Hotel (your favourite hotel) this time and got to try some new things. First of all, we did not eat at Jonker Walk all the time but explored the many restaurants outside the hotel. It was the right decision for we were rewarded with some of the best Nonya restaurants, zi-char, roast pork, and chicken rice stalls in the vicinity.

Another thing which I marvelled at was how fast Malacca was becoming commercialised.  The shopping mall, Palawan Mall connected to Hatten Hotel is fast attracting many new anchor tenants and is sure to be an exciting shopping mall when we go to Malacca next time. That did not attract you yet for you were more drawn to the playground and swimming pool. But as it was Christmas, you got to take pictures with the hotel Christmas tree which made a great postcard!

Short getaways are best with Clarice as the right company. Yeah!

IMG_20131216_3 IMG_20131216_4 IMG_20131216_2 IMG_20131216_1 IMG_20131217_1 IMG_20131219_1



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