A Few Firsts This New Year

31 January 2014

Dear Clarice,

Happy new year once again, this is your fifth Chinese festival since birth. You are of the age now where you are highly aware that this is a special occasion of joy and celebration. Your new school has also prepared you fully for it with the singing of new year songs and making of relevant arts and crafts.

This year’s Chinese New Year is a bit more extraordinary because of a few “first times”:

1) We had the company of your baby cousin, Grace, who flew all the way from London to celebrate with us.

2) You had the skills to make paper cut-outs and offered to decorate our house with your festive crafts. Master interior decorator!

3) You were not averse to the noise in Ah-ma’s house anymore (unlike your younger days when noise puts you off) and played well with your cousins.

4) You knew how to sashay in a cheong-sum and did it with flair and carried off your charms with a Hello Kitty handbag.

All in, it was an absolutely adorable new year. May more such wonderful new years come our way in future.

IMG_20140128_1IMG_20140126_2 IMG_20140126_1 IMG_20140131_2

IMG_20140131_1 IMG_20140131_3  IMG_20140131_6 IMG_20140131_7 IMG_20140131_13 IMG_20140131_12 IMG_20140131_17 IMG_20140131_8 IMG_20140131_9


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