You Need a Bigger Bike

Clarice_bike_May2013 Clarice_bike1 Clarice_bike2

18 May 2013

Dear Clarice

With evey growing inch, the green tricycle you had seems too small for you each day. And we guessed correctly. A week ago, Greenie finally succumbed to your growing weight and fell apart. Your upset face was understandable. But he has served you well for 3 years and it’s time to let him retire.

Daddy searched around for a suitable replacement and finally found one. It was a dainty bike with a purple-white frame adorned with pink flowers and a quaint little basket in front. I knew it was going to be love at first sight for purple is your favourite colour. True enough, it was sold to us at $99.

The new bike was heavier and bigger than Greenie, so you took a while to adjust to the greater resistance and need to employ more force on the pedals. The first going was tough but by the second trial, you were like an old hand. You’re a natural on the bike, gal. I can just foresee you and Daddy taking many long bonding rides together in future.



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