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Love Elephants

1 August 2013

Dear Clarice

You love to draw elephants and had been at it for more than a year. Since yourr infatuation more than a year ago, you drew elephants everyday. You must have drawn more than 300 elephants by now.

Mummy has stupidly misplaced or threw away some of your works but from what I could retrieve, your elephants have progressed from 13-legged creatures to 4-legged mammals recently, a sign that you have sorted out the logic of its number of legs. The scenery has also changed from nothing to being populated with trees, flowers, skies and sunshine. This showed that you have developed a sense of spatiality and applying it in your artwork. Daddy has taught you well.

May this gift in art bring you respite from the stress in life.

Clarice_elephant5 Clarice_elephants00 Clarice_elephants0 Clarice_elephants1 Clarice_elephants2 Clarice_elephants3


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