Sojourn to Taipei

1 to 10 April 2013

Dear Clarice

The much-awaited Taipei trip is finally here. We are going to revisit the country you went to at 1.5 years old and stream new memories into that little brain of yours.

As you’re older now and have different interests, we planned some itinerary around you, like going to your favourite place – the Taipei Zoo, Baby Boss (an occupational playground), tried painting lanterns at Shi Fen, and having an unexpected surprise – a fun afternoon at Zhe Meng nostalgic old town.

You had your meltdowns and your perky upbeat moods on this Taipei trip. Sometimes you really tried our patience in the initial few days but once you got used to Taipei, you began to enjoy the city and your daily smiles cheered mummy’s heart. You make me love to go on more overseas holidays with you, babe.

IMG_20130402_13 IMG_20130402_14 IMG_20130402_16 Babyboss2

BabybossIMG_20130406_1 IMG_20130406_2 IMG_20130407_5 IMG_20130407_6 IMG_20130407_8 IMG_20130407_9 IMG_20130407_11


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