End of Year Treats

30 December 2012

Dear Clarice

The year 2012 is coming to an end and what an eventful one you’ve been. The last few days continued to be colourful days for you as you did a whole lot of activities to wrap up the year. They  included:

1) watching your first pantomine – Hansel & Gretel. After that, you loved the songs sooo much that we bought the CD and had to listen to it hundreds of times while driving up to Malacca for our holiday. You petted a copper elephant in Malacca and we got you an elephant piggy bank as your Christmas presents. See how much you love elephants at this age?

Elephant1 FeedGiraffe Giraffe2 Hansel&Gretel Hotel

2) We went to the zoo after the pandas moved over from China. Though they weren’t ready to be seen, the marketing blitz has already begun and you got a panda tatoo done and fed the giraffes really up close enough to see their black tongues.

3) We took you on a holiday to the Malacca new Hatten Hotel for a fantastic stay as well as a staycation at the Ritz Carlton again, our favourite hotel.
Hope you’ve enjoyed your 3rd year on earth and we look to a wonderful 2013 with you by our side.


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