Love Affair with the Zoo

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Dear Clarice

You loved animals – that’s the compassionate side of you shining through. And you loved going to the zoo, to feed the elephants, rhino, giraffes and kangeroos. You loved it to the extent that you’ll even watched the zoo DVD a hundred times and memorised names of animals like Probosis Monkey, Malaysia Tapir, Doug Langur, etc. I was so proud when you could name these animals correctly.

Many people have shared in your zoo episodes -the grandparents, Naomi and Ella, London Gu Gu and Uncle Tim, and Us, of course.

zoo1 zoo2 zoo3 zoo4 zoo5 zoo6

Actually Mummy was not a big Zoo fan. I hated the heat but I’ve gone once a month since we got the zoo pass because you loved it. The annual pass was worth the investment as it was such an educational place for you. Even if you outgrow the zoo later, hope you’ll retain your compassionate side.


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