Artistic June

June 2012

Dear Clarice

June is the traditional school holidays season in Singapore and there are always lots of childrren’s programmes. Not to miss out on the fun, you watched 2 plays this season. The first was Charlie and Lola, followed by Ashputtel later. Also known as Cinderella, you wore the Cinderella costume and even took pictures with the cast. The reason we exposed you to the arts at such a young age of 3 (even though tickets were not cheap) was because we hope you’ll grow up to be an all-rounded person, appreciative of the finer things in life, like arts and theatre.

Cinderella1 Cinderella2 Lola1 Lola2

Lola3 Lola4

The Hi5 were in town to perform at United Square and mummy bought you there to see your idol. It wasn’t easy to get near them as we had to queue an hour for the entry pass. But fortunately, they put up a good show and you even took pictures with the cast, led in the hand by Tim Madden.

Hi51 Hi52


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