A Terrific Three

14 July 2012

Dear Clarice

Happy 3rd birthday. Thank you again for coming to our family and giving us so much joy. Every minute with you was worth the pain of the C-section birth and you’ve grown up to be such an understanding and cute girl.

Though there were tantrums and naughty behaviour, you would neverthless regret and learn from it, becoming a better person after every episode.

What can you do at age 3? Let me list 10 milestones:

1. Boys – I heard you have 2 boyfriends – Omel and Lucas. Never too young to start.

2. Art – you learnt to paint at 21 months and now you’re adept at holding colour pencils, crayons, brushes.

3. Language – you could speak English very well to make your needs (and demands), emotions, and expressions known. You could sing nursery rhyme and probably know about 30-50 of them. You could also speak a smattering of Mandarin, Malay and Teochew.

4. Translation – it never fails to amaze mummy that you could listen to me speak in Mandarin, translate the words in your tiny brain to comprehend in English and answer me correctly in English. How did your mental computer do that?

5. Academic – you could recite the alphabets from A to Z and learn the words associated with the letters. You could also count 1 to 10 forward and backwards easily.

6. Animals – you love animals and is already a member of Friends of the Zoo. In the past and next few years of your life, you’ll probably visit the zoo 100 times. Difficult names of animals come easily to you – thanks to the zoo DVD which you watched 100 times. You know who are the babirusa, the probosis monkey, doug languar, jaguar, cheetah, rhinoceros.

7. Globetrotting – at such a tender age, your footprints have already covered Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Melbourne.

8. Stage – you’re already rehearsing for your first stage appearance in Nov’s school concert.

9. Trophies – you won the merit prize in Baby contests twice and took home 2 trophies. At age 11 month, u were the fastest crawler in a crawling contest.

10. Love – is something you’re never short of and something you’re not shy of giving to us either.

We learnt as much from you as we did enjoy spending time with you. May you have a happy fulfilling life.

IMG_7387 IMG_7396 IMG_7399 IMG_7412 IMG_7402 IMG_7427 IMG_7404  IMG_7425 IMG_7426  IMG_7432


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