A British Visit

18 September 2011

Dear Clarice

The September winds have turned from Asian to Western and your London Gu-gu is in town for a home visit. The last time you saw her was a year ago and you could not articulate yourself as now. Can you see how you have changed? Or have Uncle Tim and she changed?

It helped that London Gu-gu and Uncle Tim stayed at our house this visit and mummy was having school holidays. So you could played ball with Uncle Tim and this really broke the ice between both of you. You realised you have a new playmate! Someone whom you could cajoled into ball time with you and accommodated your every whim. Haha, I don’t know whether to say poor Uncle Tim or congrats to Uncle Tim!

The terracotta soldiers of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, was in Singapore for an exhibition and we took London Gu-gu to see these historical relics. I think you enjoyed the pillars and running around more than the history but you took some great shots with London Gu-gu. Both of you were such good posers, I wonder if it’s genetic in the Chua family?!


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