We Saw Hi-5!

28 Nov 2010

Dear Clarice

Mummy started memory of idol worhsip at 16 but you start at 16 months! Every weekday at 12.30pm, you’ll dance to the tune of Australian children’s pop band – Hi5! without fail.

So when they were in town to promote Christmas at Marina Square, mummy and daddy decided to let you have a glimpse of your idol, since it coincided nicely with the end of your gym.

Though the Hi5! show only starts at 1pm, the entry tickets were given out at 12 noon for a limited 100 seats. Daddy went to queue up for you and got the last ticket. How lucky.

At 1pm sharp, the 5-some appeared on stage. They were huge as life, vibrant and hyper just like they were on television. You were captivated by their showmanship and music. Better yet, there was a photo-taking session with the fans after the show, and you were one of the youngest one. So up we went with Daddy and you took pictures with 5-some and paid $25 for 2 of that.

What an awesome day. Hope you had fond memories 🙂


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