London Gu-gu in Singapore

18 -30 September 2010

Dear Clarice

Yasmin Gu-gu is in town to see you. She and husband, Tim, flew thousands of miles over from UK to Singapore to spend two weeks here and it’s the first time you’re meeting them.

You know why? Because London Gu-gu has her life in UK now. She works there and fell in love with a Briton, so UK is her home now. When they got married, the wedding banquet in May 2010 was missing you because you were not born yet, but you toast to their happiness in mummy’s tummy 🙂

I hope you had a fun 2 weeks stay with them, cos Daddy was unfortunately down with Chickenpox and could not accompany them every often. So you had to stay with grandma to avoid getting infected. I heard you went to Clarke Quay and Singapore Flyer with them? When daddy recovered, we also went to the Marina Barrage for sunset and picnic.

Though it was a short visit, I think you’ve left a good impression for they think you’re gorgeous. They come back again for sure and one day when you’re tall enough, we’ll bring you to London to see Gu-gu and tour the city. Would you like that?


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