Last Gym Class

4 Dec 2010

Dear Clarice

Today is your last lesson with The Little Gym, so go ahead and enjoyed yourself. We signed you for 6 classes 2 months ago, to give you a bit of workout and motor skills training. But you turned out better than expected. You could climb the obstacle course with ease and loved walking up and down the ramp. The somersaults were a blast and you showed no fear when being turned topsy turvy.

Well, the thing about not letting you continue with the class was you were too free-spirited to follow instructions with the gym instructor. While all the other kids are like you, who ran away after one or two instructions, isn’t it better for you to run free and easy? We can take the skills learnt and teach you at home, right?

Maybe when you’re slightly older and ready to take instructions, we’ll re-enrol you again. Meanwhile, enjoy the last class for now.


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