First Day in School

28 March 2011

Dear Clarice

You’re a 20 months old girl now and it’s time for you to grow up and go to school. Gu gu found a playgroup called 3-House at Tampines Blk 230B for you to join.

As you’ve never been to school before, you didn’t want to go. You cried and cried for 3 hours the first time Ah Ma and Gugu brough you there. The 2nd time mummy took you there, you cried for 1 hour. Mummy was so heartbroken that I went shopping and bought clothes and toys for you. I nearly wanted to take you home but we had to persevere. The 3rd time, you cried for half an hour. By the 4th time, you’ve reduced to 10 min.

In a fast way but surely, you adapted and your tears dried up. You adapted to class and found teacher Latifah whom you liked and she reciprocated too. By the end of April, you’ve stopped crying and would just wave goodbye and go in.

My little girl has grown up.



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