Celebrating Your Terrific Two

14 July 2011

Dear Clarice

My, oh my, mummy is all jitters today. Hard to believe the baby in my arms 2 years ago has blossomed into an intelligent, sociable, cheeky toddler who has been such a joy to the family.

We had a birthday bash for you at home and invited the immediate family: the grannies, Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma, Gan die and kids and of course your BFF, Rachael and family.

Your favourite is still Minnie Mouse, and so a cake in her full pink glory was ordered in your honour. Oh my did your mouth open wide upon seeing the cake.

You had a number of presents this year but I guess your favourite is the pair of blue Car boots for you can’t wait to put them on!

On the actual day, you also brought party bags for your classes in the play group and I bet on that day, you must be the most popular gal in class 🙂


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