YOG Witness Episode 2 & 3

17 and 25 Aug 2010

Dear Clarice

Mummy is gonna bring you to watch the YOG Rhythmic Gymnastics and Table Tennis Semi Finals. Since the YOG is here, and tickets are affordable at 10 each, it doesn’t make sense not to go. We already regretted the decision of not buying a ticket for you to watch the spectacular YOG Opening Ceremony on 14 Aug, so one consolation is at least you can watch some games and the Closing Ceremony.


We arrived at Bishan Stadium for the gymnastics event and I must say the international standard are pretty high. However you were also interested doing your own event, climbing up and down the staircase. U wanna be a gymnast when you grow up?

A few days later, Daddy took us to the Indoor Stadium to watch the semi finals of table tennis. Unfortunately the Singapore team did not make it to the finals, the Koreans did instead.

Singapore is nurturing itself to be a sports hub and hopefully one day, you’ll be an enthusiastic supporter and viewer with this young exposure.

26 August 2010

Dear Clarice

The smell of farewell filled the air when we walked down the path Marina Bay towards the Floating Platform for tonight is farewell to the world’s athletes as YOG draws to a close. And thanks to Gan-die’s generosity, the whole Chua Family gets to witness this event. Grandpa, grandma, daddy, mummy, gu-gu, gan-die, Sabine, Charlotte and Lennox, everyone was there.

Looking back now, what do you remember Clarice?

You were not afraid when the fireworks shoot up and burst in the sky. Your mouth was wide-opened. You danced when the music came on, just like a pro. You fell in love with the YOG mascots, Merly and Lyo, whom you affectionately referred to as Mer-mer. Fortunately, we had the YOG pass with them on it to be kept as memento for your time capsule.

Though the Closing was not as grand as the Opening, it was well-pitted for your level and a historical full-stop to a significant event in Singapore’s history. Mummy is glad you got to witness it all 🙂



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