YOG Witness Episode 1

 10 Aug 2010

Dear Clarice

Do u know what YOG stands for? It’s the acronym for Youth Olympics Games, started for the first time in 2010, and guess what? Your birth country, Singapore, is the inaugural event host!

It’s an exciting year for S’pore for we beat Russia to clinch the deal and since we probably will never be able to host the actual Olympics, this YOG is a historical opportunity that may never be repeated.

Every Olympics have a relay torch which starts burning from Olympics originating country Greece and travels round the globe. Today, it arrives at Mountbatten Rd, just near where we live. Daddy is so excited that he must have u witness this momentous event.

We started queueing under the hot sun from 11am and you were literally baked under the heat. A crowd has also built up, all waiting for the relay team. By 12pm plus, the relay torch finally appeared, flanked by busloads of athletes, student cheerleaders and RC members. Everyone was waving the flag, cheering and just plain high.

The torch flame was passed from one person to the next right in front of us and afterwards, they headed onwards to the next destination. While you may not be 12-year-old schoolboy Low Wei Jie, who ran for almost 15km in his flip flops as he followed the torch all the way from pasir ris-punggol, you may well be one of the youngest witness of this event.

If YOG never came back to be hosted by Singapore in your lifetime, at least you’ve seen it before in your childhood. And that makes you one lucky baby at 13 months 🙂


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