Xin Nian Kuai Le

14 February 2010

Dear Clarice,

It’s Valentine’s Day this year and you turn 7 months old. It also happened to be your first Chinese New Year and you were up visiting the 2 grandmas who were delighted to see you dolled up in your chin chiong costume and big hair clips in your short but luxuriant hair.

We did a whirlwind tour  with the visits that day. First it was your paternal grandma’s house, then grand-aunt’s house, then wai-po’s house before we went home to await the torrent of relatives visiting grandma.

And oh boy, daddy do have heaps of aunts and uncles and cousins. Just look at the photo and u’ll know what I mean. I think at any one time, there’s about 50 relatives in the house. I think u’re rather over-whelmed by the crowd and numerous stranger faces. It must be tough on you. But the flip side is you’ve got lots of ang pows. After giving out ang pows for so many years, it’s nice for daddy and mummy to recoup some of our outgoing income, thanks to you.

We did a traditional lo-hei and u took part in it too, eager to have a piece of the “pie”. Looks like it won’t be difficult to inculcate tradition in you 🙂

Hope you had an enjoyable new year, gong xi gong xi.


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