Who Do You Look Like?

9 June 20009

Dear Jing Jing

Technology has made fantastic advancements. We were contented with looking at ultrasound photos of you, but with 4D scan possible, daddy insisted on it for you and what a thrill it was.

4 June 2009, 3pm. Our appointment to meet finally came. Prior to that, mummy has tried to train you wake up at 3pm for 2 weeks so that you may be awake at that time and either smile, or yawn at us. Alas, it was not to be that way that day.

We made our way to Thomson Medical Centre’s X-Ray diagnostic department. Apparently, it’s quite a popular scan to do cos many couples were there. One of them came up really happy, so I guess they’ve must gotten a really nice photo and video.

When it was your turn, the radiologist did a detailed growth scan of you first to determine your head circumference, leg length, amnio fluid level, and placenta level. It was a relief to know that everything about u is normal.

Then it was the 4d scan we’ve all been waiting for. The first scan was not very clear though cos you had your fist covering part of your face. Either that or you were arching your head backwards, which makes it impossible to see u. Why so shy, baby? Or were you disturbed by the scan equipment as London gu-gu says? Or is it because mummy had lunch with auntie serene and auntie claire, and u were tired out by our conversation as u listened excitedly?

So mummy and daddy have to go for walks a few times before returning to the X-ray room again to try for more scans. Fortunately, u finally co-operated and yielded about 6 3d images and 2 4d video loops. In one of the video loop, u actually yawned, in another, u turned your head around and continued napping, as if chiding us for disturbing your beautfy sleep. But these little pics were enough to make daddy ecstatic and he willingly paid close to $300 for your scan CD. The entire procedure took about 2 hrs, phew.

See how much he loves u? I repeat, u must be filial and treat daddy well when u grow up, ok?

Looking at the pics, u have chubby cheeks, full sexy lips and a relatively flat nose. According to Mrs Wong, u’d have dimples too. I like that, cos I think girls with dimples look gorgeous. At first look, u looked like daddy. But daddy compared u to my childhood baby photo and think u look more like me with the same nose and lips, while u’ve inherited his chubby cheeks and square chin.

Now take a good look at yourself. Who do u think u resemble more? 


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