What a Relief


4 March 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Today is one of the happiest day in my life. Other than my wedding and finding out we’re conceiving you, Jing Jing.

We went for our detailed scan and found out about your amnio results. Well done. Everything was normal for you. You’ve proven the lab results wrong and turned out to be a healthy growing baby. Mummy is so so proud of your courage and resilence!

And the best part is, we found out you’re a girl! Just as I dreamt I’ll be having a girl and daddy wanted a princess too. You’re our dream come true, literally!

We missed you so much as we’ve not seen you for a month on the scanner. You’re now 20 weeks now, you know? I dreamt of us going to the scan and you were kicking all day too, as if you knew what was approaching. It was so sweet to see you on the scanner. Like all adoring parents, we think every little move of you is so cute. You were moving and kicking and flexing your arms and fingers as usual. But there was something new. Now, you know how to suck your fingers, just as the books said you would. It is said to be part of your process of learning how to swallow and suck milk. How clever is that!

Mummy loves you all the more now. Daddy said he always knew you’ll be all right cos you were so smart and so kicking. Yes, perhaps it’s mummy being silly and pessimistic, but that’s because I love you too too much to lose you. It’s such a relief to know you’re safe and healthy. And mummy has bought 7 months of supplments – multivit, DHA and calcium pills – to ensure you get all the nourishment you need. So eat your supplements and grow well, my dear.

We’ll be choosing names for you soon too. Let mummy shortlist a few nice ones and we’ll choose together, ok?

Love u much much.


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