We’ve Got You This Anniversary

24-25 October 2009

Dear Clarice

Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, one of the top 100 hotels in the world. But that’s not the point today. The key is, this year, for mummy and daddy’s 5th wedding anniversary, we’ve got you with us. Which made this year’s anniversary all the more special and memorable.

Do u know you were conceived roughly this time last year? We were waiting for our turn to try IVF and somehow 3 weeks later in November 2008, mummy found out that I was pregnant with u!! Imagine our ecstasy for we’ve waited 4 years for this day!

Mummy decided to celebrate this anniversary with a hotel stay, as we always do with our birthdays and special anniversaries. The hotel was very kind too. Knowing about my special request to celebrate this anniversary, they sent a bottle of red wine to our room to mark the occasion. To top it up, we also got a yummy-licious meal when we dined at Dolce Vita restaurant. They loved you saying you were very cute, and they even sent us a special tiramisu cake. It was indeed a 5-star treatment 🙂



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