We meet again – 2nd meeting

4 December 2008

Dear Jingjing

We met again 3 December when mummy went for the 2nd scan. My gosh, how you have grown! You’re now 1cm and your organs are forming. We saw your heartbeat. It was so strong, said Dr J. Thanks to all the food you’ve been eating, I guess. You never know how hungry mummy is ever since I’ve had you. I’m perpetually hungry, and eating 5 meals or more a day! Auntie Vivienne said it’s healthy to eat, if the baby wants it, give it to him/ her!

Ok, mummy will eat when you deem necessary. But don’t let mummy grow fat ok? Yes, you’ve got a vain mother who’s conscious about her weight and looks. I want to be a radiant mother like Auntie Siew Huey. You should have seen her. She was beautiful and glowing back then when she was carrying baby Hugh. Hadn’t put on too much weight on herself, though the tummy was round and big. I wanna look like that.

Thanks to you, mummy is having an early vacation. Dr J said that as I was spotting when carrying you, I should just take the week off and get lots of home rest. Just when I was feeling lethargic of classes. However, I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I first heard Dr J said that. Are you safe? Am I doing something wrong? Have I hurt you?

But Dr J assured me that it was just a safety precaution, then I heaved a sigh of relief. So don’t scare me all right? I’ll rest more as instructed, and you must to be good to mummy too. Poor daddy has to do all the housework due to mummy’s condition. So you must be filial and thank him when you are born, ok?

Till we see you again on 12 December, ciao and take really really care of yourself.


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