Victim of Illness

Week 21 – 22, March 13

Dear Jing Jing

Mummy is a compulsive cougher and has been one for a week. It was 2 days after our Malacca trip ended and I woke up with a bad sore throat. I was reluctant to take any medication but I wasn’t getting better the next day. Went to see Dr Ng at Cassia Clinic. He was nice enough to note that Mummy is pregnant with you and did not want to give me heavy medication. Instead, he gave me some mild sore throat and cough syrup. It did not help much. You should hear me coughing and spitting phlegm through the nite. Daddy was worried. I was coughing till the rib cage and the back hurt. It was no fun.

I was worse 4 days later and had to go back to visit Dr Ng. This time, he gave me a cough syrup to “suppress” the cough. It finally worked when I finished the last drop of it. I was sick for a week!

Mummy realised it was no fun being sick when carrying you. I’m so sorry to put you through so much torture. I hoped the ordeal has not made you weaker. We scanned you during the detailed scan and you were an active baby sucking your fingers. So cute. Pls remain healthy and normal. Mummy loves you and will take care of myself so that I don’t fall sick again.


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