Umblical Cord Stump

23 July 2009

Dear Clarice,

If everything had gone on schedule, today, 23 July 2009 (Thursday, Chinese calendar, 6th month, 2nd day) would be the day of your actually delivery date. But as fate would have it, u were born 10 days earlier on 14 July 2009, sending our bundle of joy to us 10 days earlier.

It was only recently that I learnt that the husband did not cut the ribbon when u were born. Perhaps it was because we donated your cord blood, perhaps because I need to be sewn up quickly after the cesarean, Dr J apparently clamped and cut the cord.

Your umblical cord stump stayed on for another 10 days and it dropped around noon time today. It was such a coincidence that it would drop today. It looked like a brown shrivelled stump.

Mum-in-law said we should kept the stump as a sounvenir. So we took a red packet and wrapped it with a tissue. Currently it stood beside our wedding photo in the study room. Perhaps one day I may create a time capsule for u and put some memorable things, include this stump inside for your keepsake.

We love u, Clarice.


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