The Sound of Music

7 April 2009

Dear Jing Jing

Do u know how much u respond to music? Mummy is playing Baby Bach’s CD to u now and oh my god, how u move to tunes 6 and 7, namely The First Movement (Allegro)from Violin Concerto No. 1 and Last Movement (Allegro) from Brandenburg. Oh my god, how hard u grow in my tummy as these tunes play along!

Your other favourites are also Long Vacation and Love Letter. Looks like u have an exotic taste cos they’re Japanese instrumental music. So atas of u, hehe.

However I did not notice this much enthusiasm when Mozart is being played and his music is supposed to stimulate spatial temporal abilites. Hmm….

But it’s good that u like music cos I have the intention to let u learn either a piece of musical instrument like the violin or ballet. I think u could learn martial arts too so u know the art of self defence in this sometimes treacherous world. I think music and martial arts may teach u some righteous moral values too.

So when the band plays on, u move on too!


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